Cosmic AES is fiercely passionate and knowledgeable about signal processing and space communications. We leverage existing technologies to create adaptable, scalable, and disruptive solutions for our military and aerospace customers. Creativity and technology are the core offerings of Cosmic AES.

Use existing GOTS and COTS Technology to Create Unique Signal-Processing and Geolocation Solutions:

  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • SDR/Cognitive Radios
  • FPGA & GPU aided processing
  • Communications Systems Design
  • Algorithm Development
  • Mathematical Modeling of Space and Communications Systems
  • Electronic Hardware Design
  • Digital Signal Processing (MATLAB, Simulink, XMidas, and others)
  • Space/Orbits (STK, SOAP) 

Extensive 4th-Generation Programming Language Expertise:

  • MIDAS (GOTS): Digital Signal Processing (DSP) library that is available to the Government through develop non-proprietary solutions customized to meet specific mission capabilities.
  • MATLAB® (Mathworks): Core mathematics and advanced graphical tools for data analysis, visualization, and algorithm and application development.
  • SystemView® (Elanix): Simulation tool to design, develop, and test Communications, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Signal Processing and RF/Analog systems.
  • IDL, Interactive Data Language®: Software for data analysis, visualization, and cross-platform application development.
  • Verilog HDL®\VHDL: Hardware Description Language used to design and document programmable logic systems.
  • STK Software Suite® (Analytical Graphics Inc.): Tools to support all aspects of the aerospace community ranging from system design and concept development to real-time operations. Covers areas such as detailed communication-link analysis, collision analysis, radar analysis, coverage analysis, maneuver planning, orbit determination, and real-time integration.
Cosmic AES - Experts in Space and Communications